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Acknowledgement for MRI-safe electrode development

Professor Jonathan Scott and a graduate student made the finals of the Kiwinet Awards, for…

What on Earth is that?

Scientists are using artificial intelligence to quickly identify pest plants and insects.

Internationally renowned engineer calls for end to plastics pollution on World Earth Day

Professor Kim Pickering is backing her work making materials which can reduce waste plastics, with…

A revolutionary new process for self-healing concrete

Using concrete as a medium, scientists at the University of Waikato have developed a new…

Waikato University professors go ‘viral’

An overseas research group of scientists is paying tribute to two University of Waikato Emeritus…

Investigating sustainable energy systems

The University is hosting the world's first conference on industrial electronics for sustainable energy systems.

Researching portable stroke detectors

Professor Yifan Chen is part of an international team developing a portable stroke detection and…

Is there a future for plastics?

Plastics have got themselves a bad name, but can we reuse the bad, and encourage…

STEAM without the hot air

Professor Mark Dyer is advocating a new approach to engineering in his Inaugural Professorial Lecture.

Sustaining success

Major award for working towards a more sustainable planet.

ICT inspiring new strategies for diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Can information and communications technology be used to better diagnose and treat cancer? Professor Yifan…

Is the robot revolution coming?

Robotics in Primary Industries: The Revolution

Three very Smart Ideas

University of Waikato researchers have won three lots of funding from the government worth nearly…

An alternative to plastic, a winning idea

He had to have his arm twisted to enter an international competition, but chemical engineer…

A sound argument

Professor Jonathan Scott has received seed funding from the SfTI National Science Challenge to investigate…

Learning more about explosion science

Waikato alumnus Dr Aaron Low has been awarded a travel fellowship to go offshore to…

US Air Force funds Waikato tech project

US Air Force awards nearly $250,000 to Waikato's Dr Fei Yang for hi-tech research.

In-orchard robots leading change at Fieldays

Kiwifruit and apple pickers of the robot kind make their stage debut at the 2017…

Embracing the robot revolution in horticulture

Industry-leading robotics will take centre-stage at the University of Waikato’s stand at this year’s NZ…

HRC grant to research bone regeneration

Dr Leandro Bolzoni from the University of Waikato’s School of Engineering has been awarded a…

Robotics in primary industries - the revolution begins!

The robots are coming, and Professor Mike Duke from the University of Waikato’s School of…
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